Erosion and Sediment Control in Brisbane

The services listed here are the basis of what we do, however an integral part of any work we do includes erosion and sediment control and management, which might involve assessment of soil condition and implementing the improvements which may be necessary; and selection of plants suitable for the terrain and landscape design, with preference always being given to using native re-vegetation.


Sediment control is also an important practice that keeps eroded soil onsite, preventing pollution into nearby areas.

Hydro Seeding and Re-fertilizing

Involves the application of seed and fertilizer by means of a liquid mix, sprayed under pressure up to a 40 metre reach and 100 metres of hand held high pressure hose. This process can be applied with hydro mulch to enhance germination, a guar based tackifier to prevent loss of seed and mulch due to climatic conditions on slopes, and a green dye to enhance appearance.

Straw Mulching

This is a machine application of straw onto seeded areas, together with an emulsion or binder to secure it in place. This enhances and protects the germinating factors of the seeded areas, and greatly increases the ability to withstand rain damage.

Bonded Fibre Matrix

A system where fibre-mulch is applied hydraulically to unstable areas of anticipated erosion. This can be a basic treatment of fibre-mulch plus binder, or can be combined with seed, fertilizer, emulsion and straw-mulch to obtain grass cover. We find it particularly effective to sheer slopes, steep batters and other unstable areas.

Evergro BFM Organic Matrix

Is an Australian made system designed for steep batter stabilization and revegetation. EVERGRO is a cost effective approach to erosion problems. It also increases germination and retains moisture and minimises erosion, helping to reduce soil loss and water run-off. All types of seeding mixtures can be used in this process.

Our Services

  • Soil Erosion Management Experts
  • Fibre Mulching and Matting
  • Fertilization
  • Re-Vegetation
  • Native Flora Re-Vegetation
  • Environmental Specialists
  • Hydro Seeding
  • Straw Mulching
  • Hydro Stolonising
  • Dust Supressants



Pledge of Service


Evergreen aims to be our clients' supplier of choice — offering expertise, service and delivery. We know we can only accomplish this by making a commitment to satisfy our customers at every opportunity. Our service pledge is simple: we are committed to doing what we say we will do — providing reliable and friendly service, and getting materials to your job site when promised.


Evergreen has built its business on service and reliability. We pledge to continue this tradition.


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